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I’m an Intuitive Coach® and have dedicated my life to serving and helping people. After being in the healthcare field for more than 40 years and finding it less helpful with each passing year, I found myself drawn to a different approach to offer service and healing. I turned to coaching because it helps people on a daily basis by offering practical tools and solutions for life.

My own journey toward healing and a more expanded awareness of life began over 18 years ago when my mother passed away. Having an out of body experience and communicating with her in the spirit realm connected me to an awareness of my higher self and to the field of possibilities beyond my limited perceptions.

Since that time, I received training through Colette Baron-Reid’s Master Intuitive Coach Institute® (certification pending) and have learned how to stay connected to this awareness and to assist others in doing the same. Because I have consistently found this process to be incredibly accurate and amazing both for myself and my clients, I am called to share it  with others.

MCIC_all_modules_logo200In fact, I find this work incredibly exhilarating! It brings me great joy to help people connect to their potential, find their most authentic expression of self and clear the blocks to well-being. When clients achieve their breakthrough, it makes my heart sing. Click here for more information on coaching. I look forward to working with you.

JoAnn Becht

JoAnn is a “straight to the heart” Coach. She works with her clients to identify opportunities and work toward amazing transformation in their life!

Christine P.

certified angel card reader

Working with JoAnn helped me to have a better sense of myself within my life and especially my relationships.  I have learned about self-advocacy and tending to the garden of my own heart so that I move from a more authentic, self-loving place.  I’m still on a journey and learning but I feel that the time I spent working with JoAnn gave me a good foundation of self-care.  Since we worked together, I have moved toward healthier relationships and have a more loving, relaxed relationship with life.

Kymberlee D.