The type of coaching I offer reprograms your subconscious mind and retrains the brain by establishing new subconscious patterns leading you to becoming a new version of yourself through continuous, positive change.

These cutting edge processes move your blocks, and help you understand yourself by connecting you to your higher power, enabling you to reach your potential in all areas of your life.  We work together to bring you into a more positive relationship to your body, to wealth and to your weight, both physical and emotional.  Each module is designed to address core issues that keep you from living your best life.

Weight Energetix® 

If you are a highly empathic person, you may take the weight of the world on—literally!  This module is designed to empower you to manage your empathy, make better choices regarding your body and to make powerful changes to your thoughts, beliefs and feelings which leads to a better relationship with your body.  You will learn to manage your difficult emotions through specific tools and techniques, to develop better energetic protection and to finally release the excess weight accumulated on your body!

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Wealth Energetix® 

You have inherent worth that awaits your awareness.  In this module, we work together to help you establish clear views on what wealth is beginning with Self Wealth: The value of you!  I will coach you through blocks related to prosperity, right livelihood, spending, debt and compensation, bringing you into alignment with a healthy relationship to money.  Through this work, you will understand the relationship between your inner experience of wealth and the manifestation of wealth in the outer world so you can bring more of what you desire into your life.

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Heart Dynamix® 

Your heart is so worthy of love—the kind of love that is respectful, healthy, loving and filled with passion.   This coaching process helps you better understand and love yourself and assists you in establishing healthy relationships in business, family, friendships and romance.  Whether you are looking for new love or watering the garden of your current relationships, we will work together to help you have the best possible communication and interactions with all of the most important people in your life, including you!

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Miracles await you as we work together to shift your inner reality in powerful new ways thereby creating real transformation in your outer world.  Whether we focus on general life or business coaching, or the specific modules,  Weight Release Energetix®, Wealth Energetix®, or Heart Dynamix® coaching modules, as you commit to yourself, you will bloom into your full potential. Please click here if you’re ready to book a session or here if you’d like to learn more about why coaching you is my joy.  I look forward to working with you!


How to determine if JoAnn is the right coach for you… If you are afraid you will not succeed yet again, then JoAnn is the coach for you. JoAnn is a good wise guardian holding for you a loving & supportive space to feel safe going through the process. A good guardian can also provide you with a  proverbial kick in the pants when you need it. And then she checks in with you (in a good way) to ensure you are receiving the support you need. I never once felt intruded upon or put out. What I did feel with her is the needed support  that I could do this & that it was o.k. to take care of myself & put myself first without feeling that I was being selfish. She helped replace my inner self degrading talk with what I needed to hear instead. Sometimes you need someone who is not a friend or a family member to cheer you on.

Dana Mikulak